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Woolful Sheep Breed Postcards


Welcome to the Woolful Mercantile, fiber finds for fiber folk.

We share with you wool, fresh from the farm, small batch and born with a story. Each yarn is fiber-conscious, from sheep lovingly raised and ethically processed.

Woolful Sheep Breed Postcards

Sheep Postcard Images.png
Sheep Postcard Images.png

Woolful Sheep Breed Postcards


In 2016 I launched the first Woolful Sheep Breed calendar, working with illustrator Emily Fratson to create 12 beautiful sheep illustrations, along with dye plants. These illustrations have now made their way into the form of postcards, so you can enjoy them beyond year 2016 and share them with others. 

  • Featuring 12 individual postcards, featuring 12 sheep breeds + 12 natural dye plants, illustrated by Emily Fratson.
  • Offset printed on premium heavy Mohawk Felt finish cardstock

A note about the 2016 calendar...

Over the past year I’ve watched a movement take root and grow in a fierce way. This movement is driven by folks like you, and folks like me. Our desires to dig deeper, to know more - lead to discoveries far greater than we could imagine. Some of which are represented in this calendar. 

Every wool has a story. The region where it came from, the farmer who nurtured it’s growth and tended its host, it’s specific qualities and uses. But the hero of this story, is of course the sheep. Each with an individuality all their own. 

My hope for you in 2016, is that you’ll find more blessings within your craft than ever before. Whether you knit, dye, crochet, weave or spin - there is far more to experience and appreciate. - Ashley

  • Featuring 12 sheep breeds + 12 natural dye plants, illustrated by Emily Fratson.

January | Birch - CVM/Romeldale - inspired by the sheep of Anna Dianich of Tolt Yarn and Wool
February | Madder - Icelandic - inspired by the sheep of Matt Fox of Greenbow Farm
March | Toyon - Targhee - inspired by the sheep of Duboise Idaho Research Station
April | Marigold - Shetland - inspired by the sheep of Tamara White of Wing and a Prayer Farm
May | Sumac - Turcana - inspired by the sheep that create Ioana Van Deurzen's Moeke Yarns
June | Coreopsis - Cormo - inspired by the sheep of Peter Downie
July | Hollyhock - Poll Dorset - inspired by the sheep of Benjamin Hole of Hole and Sons
August | Hopi Sunflower - Polwarth - inspired by the sheep of the Dennis' of Tarndie
September | Indigo - Leicester Longwool - inspired by the sheep of Irina Lawrence of Flying Fibers
October | Mushroom - Gotland - inspired by the sheep of Kim Goodling of VT Grand View Farm
November | Tamarack - Wensleydale - inspired by the sheep of Jeri Robinson-Lawrence of Flying Fibers
December | Cedar - Jacob - inspired by sheep of Gerald Phillips



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